Friday, July 15, 2011

Progress, or lack therof

The dress shell is cut out, but I haven't cut out the netting underskirts yet, or the white organza pinafore.  I decided against doing the sash on the dress, because I'm making a frankenpatterned version of Vogue 7593, view b for the pinafore.   It's not exact.  I'm doing three double needle pintucks on the skirt, and I'm changing out the skirt to match the skirt of the dress and lengthening it by two inches.  The dress itself will be lengthened by three, giving me a one-inch leeway between the two before we factor in the pintucking.  Most likely, I'll hem it first before I put in the pintucks.

The pattern chosen (not by me this time) is copyright 1960, and it's McCall's 5463.  As I mentioned before, I'm lengthening it, leaving off the sash and belt carriers, and something else--I'm adding a Venice lace collar.  I'll also be making what I term the "does this make my butt look big" ruffle-butt panties to wear underneath, as well as a slip so the netting won't scratch her.

Both of those are from Simplicity 3296, which I believe is a 1950s pattern.  Yeah, I'm mixing decades, but the dress pattern is barely out of the fifties, and still has the full skirts.  If necessary, I'll make another fluffy tulle petticoat to wear underneath to get the maximum effect for the skirt.  And somewhere in there, I'm sewing a jinglebell into it so her parents can hear her coming!    Now, I'm doing view 2 for the slip--I have some lovely stretch beading lace that's nice and soft for the straps and top of the slip bodice.  And, of course, the lace on the underthings will all match. 

With a 1990s pinafore, a 1960s dress, and 1950s undies, this should hopefully not look too strange; after all, I'm doing something fairly classic!  Part of me wants to run from this.  I'd rather be making Evie's organza smocked dress.  But we owe her dad and this settles the debt.  I've bought some bows to go with it so that I don't have to make them.  Yes, I can now make bows, but that doesn't mean that I want to.  'Sides, it was less expensive to buy the bows rather than the ribbon I'd need to make 'em!

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