Wednesday, July 13, 2011

If wishes were fishes...

I wish I could say that I sew every day, or even all year round, but I don't.  Days like today that go on forever end up being no sewing days.  I did dig out the materials for my next project and checked the pattern for the pieces, but that's as far as I went.  I sew vintage quite a bit, which means that I have to check the patterns to make sure all the pieces are there because they're pre-owned.  I finished Penny's jumper this past weekend, but I didn't get around to taking pictures before I sent it home Monday.  I finished my last project and sent it home yesterday, though-- Butterick 3405.

It was meant to coordinate to the Hollywood dress I made for Bit--I used the leftover bits and made it in the same fabric.  As usual, I put up a review of it.  And I've used my favorite trick for the tucks.  If it weren't for a certain vintage repeat, I never would have had the epiphany--transfer the tuck markings from the pattern and then everything lines up straight and even and you even have lines to follow to sew on!

Tomorrow, I'm starting a procrastinated project--a pinafore dress for a friend of ours' daughter.  He did us a huge favor by going through my dad's medical records so as to convince VA to pay my mom the survivor's benefits that they owed her and she promised my labor on a fancy dress for his baby girl.  Hello frankenpatterning and vintage 50s with jingle bells sewn in the petticoats!

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