Monday, July 25, 2011

Monday morning blues

As I sit here waiting for the babies to arrive this morning, I'd like to give a progress report.  Slip #2 and panties #4 on Simplicity 3296 are all cut out, and I made it to Joanns to buy more organza. 

I'm going to get the front skirt of the pinafore recut today.  It should be interesting, considering that I somehow managed to lose the front skirt piece.  I'll have to use one of the netting underskirts as a template and subtract an inch.  I need to get started on the embroidery and do the double needle pintuck panel.  I also decided what lace collar to use from my stash, but I have yet to hunt down the lace to trim the netting underskirts with.  It's in the Black Hole.  I hate trying to find anything in there.  But my spool of approximately 600 yards of lace is in there because I haven't used any of it since sometime in December.

I switched my serger over to rolled hem, because almost every part of the underskirt needs to have a rolled hem, as does the ruffle on the slip's skirt before I add the lace over top of it.  I also transferred the dart markings to the pattern pieces for the dress bodice and lining and the slip bodice and lining.  All in all, I'm almost really-truly ready to start sewing.  Would y'all like to see how I transfer markings?  I use this method for tucks and pleats, too!

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