Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sick, tired, but doing a happy dance

In the words of Balki Bartokomous, "Now we are so happy, we do the dance of joy!"  (Yeah, showing my age!)  I haven't been posting because I've had a stomach bug that I'm not entirely over.  But I was having serger problems.  I didn't realize that I didn't have to completely remove the blade to make it not cut, and during normal serging it was turning edges over like for rolled hems.  After studying the manual, and hemming and hawing over it I figured out not only how to turn the interior dial to disengage the cutter, but that I didn't put it all the way back in when I put it back.  So I have now fixed it, and it's ready to go for next time!    I know my followers are few, but is there anything y'all would like to see?

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