Sunday, July 3, 2011

Sunday, no sew, but....

I had planned on doing a tutorial today on using buttonhole elastic to make footie jammies fit slender babies, but, well, perhaps that's better left until I can also do a how to fix RTW pants and make them fit with it, too.  Today, I didn't sew, because it's Sunday.  However, Baby Bit doesn't have dresses for church, and she's almost grown out of last week's dress.  Finances are tighter than ever, so Auntie Laura's fabric stash comes to the rescue again.  I'll need to buy a few patterns, because to be honest, my infant collection is more than a little small.  My largest single size is size 2, because Gracie has been a 2 for a year and a half.  So I cut out a dress and enlarged the IBBD pattern so that it'll also fit 13-18 pounds.  That's actually the commercial pattern 1-3 months.  (The IBBD says it's 1-3, but only fits up to 11 pounds.) It cost me an hour of effort and a couple pieces of parchment paper, but I now have a new pattern.  As soon as I trace off a darker copy, I'll send a scan to the original author of the pattern.  In the meantime, I'll start making some simple dresses for BB.   Like New Look 6970.  I made the romper last year, and I already cut it out from the remnants of the seersucker from LB's new shorts outfit.  I have stashed strawberry buttons I can close it with, and a strawberry patch to go in the center.  I have the fabric.  I can get the patterns.  And BB will look cute as a button when I'm done!

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