Friday, July 8, 2011

Even though I've had a migrane for the past two days, but I've been sewing.  Blogging is another story!  I decided that doing a rolled hem was best for the facing on the dress, but majorly screwed it up due to the cutting blade on the serger.  (I've never managed to figure out the rolled hem foot on my Pfaff 1222E) It's missing a large chunk out of the middle, and I don't have the fabric to replace it, so it'll just have to stay that way.  I should've held onto the scraps for longer! I had another set of facings to do for another project, so I was dreading it.  Facings tend to be on the curvy side, which is harder with my serger than with my regular sewing machine 'cause it's harder to see what I'm doing. 

And then it came to me.

The blades on sergers are designed to be removable so that you can switch them out when they get dull.  So before I switched it over to three threads for doing a rolled hem, I removed the cutting blade.  It worked perfectly!  I got a gorgeous rolled hem going around the facing of Evie's new summer shirt without much fuss.  I wish I'd thought of it earlier!

Anyway, Nikki's dress is finished except for sewing on the butterfly patch in front.  And Gracie's new shorts set is also done except for sewing on the strawberry patch.  Pictures tomorrow.  Right now, I need a dark room and no babies crying!

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