Wednesday, July 6, 2011

jumper dress and other sewish things

I'm making a jumper dress for Nikki.  I took the shirt from McCall's 5825 and changed out the sleeve for a puffed one.  I borrowed it from the dress in the same pattern.  Yes, you can do that.  Actually, I could take a sleeve the same size from any old pattern and do it because unlike RTW, pattern sizes have been standardized for years.  And a puffed sleeve can be made to fit into any opening because it's gathered.  The collar is a peter pan, which if I can find a good enough match to the jumper fabric, I'll be trimming with rick rack to give it scalloped edges.  Rick rack bends better than lace, and it's less itchy for baby's delicate skin.

I'm making it from white cotton/poly batiste and some value buttons.

It'll be paired with Simplicity 5374.  I'm making that from the skirt I showed y'all yesterday.  The stripes aren't going to match up, but since it's only at the side seams, I've decided that I don't care.  I'm going to buy a patch for the front tomorrow when I pick up the buttons and a couple more patterns.  The skirt was some sort of cotton/poly blend, and I'll be using the same buttons on it that I'm using on the shirt.  It should be cute, and considering that it's only about 1/2 yard of fabric in the shirt, and I got it on sale for $1.95/yard, this whole outfit will only run around $3.  Now that's sewing on a budget!

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