Tuesday, July 12, 2011


I think my sister needs to die.  She's talking about dumping her two kids here in the middle of August for three days.  I love my sister... mostly.  (Those who have siblings know what I'm talking about!)  She has a three-year-old who ought to be renamed "Destruction" and a one-year-old with motor delays whose a handful all by herself.  Add the two we usually have and the fact that it's Monday and Tuesday which are the days when we have the girls from 7am to 5pm and you have a recipe for killing my sister.  Destruction acts out ALL THE TIME.  I think that she doesn't pay enough attention to him, but it's not something I can remedy in three days in which I have Little Bit and her sister, Crabby AKA Nikki.  Nikki is colicky, which means that she cries more often than not and you simply can't put her down.  And Bit is still adjusting to not being an only child and the fact that Crabby is not an easy baby makes it worse.  We try, and so do her parents, but I can't devote all my time to her anymore.  She's used to having all the adults to play with and read to her and it's just not like that now.  So she's gotten a little whiny.  Not bad, but for a fairly laid-back kid, it's a not-insignificant change.  I keep telling myself that we will survive Nikki's colic.  After all, she's two months, and it can't last past three or four.    But throw two more kids into the mix who don't really know us and it's a recipe for trouble!


  1. I believe I have had similar thoughts regarding my sister who thinks tantrums in a 9-yr old are normal.
    Came over via male pattern baldness.

  2. I think anyone who has siblings is familiar with the emotion. We love them, but want to strangle them at the same time!