Sunday, June 26, 2011

Ear piercings, infections, and Absorbine Jr.

Okay, this is my sewing blog.  But, well, Gracie has one of her ears infected where it's pierced.  I told my SIL to slap some Absorbine Jr. on it.  The stuff smells like medicine strongly, burns like hell, and then feels better once the pain relieving stuff kicks in.  It will also kill the infection and help it heal faster than anything else.  It's old fashioned and not so well-known as some and I know that Evie will probably hate us for using it because it'll hurt.  But it works better than anything else that's OTC.

My Dad inherited the family's jewelery store back in the 80s.  (This was before the mid-late 80s recession and the big chain jewelery stores drove the little guys out of business.)  Next door was a beauty salon that also handled piercings and it's what they recommended.  It's better than the stuff they hand out to keep you from getting your new piercings infected, too.  I've used both--the stuff they give you, well, I got an infection using it (I had two holes in each ear.  Haven't worn earrings for a long time and have to get them re-pierced if I want to.) that the Absorbine Jr. got rid of.

Honestly?  I'm expecting a tantrum.  Gracie is an easy-going child, but, well, no antiseptic is pleasant.  They all sting if they're any good at all.  (Yes, I believe in iodine, too.)  And I have yet to meet a kid who liked it when you slap one on!

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