Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Hollywood unprinted patterns

For my first venture into the world of unprinted patterns, I chose a very cute Hollywood brand pattern.  Unknown, to me, but my, isn't it cute?

It was easier than I thought, and the results are charming.

Here's a close up.  After I took the picture, I decided that I didn't like the bows, removed them, tied some nicer ones, and sewed them on by hand....  I've added five inches to the dress to make it longer.

Here's a full view.  This is from about 1936.  And it fits really well without any changes other than length.  The whole thing is french seamed, with 1/2 inch seam allowances.  (Bit insisted that Buzz had to have his picture taken, too.)  Because of Bit's distressing habit of pulling her skirt over her head, she had to have matching panties underneath.  So I pulled another Hollywood pattern, Hollywood 1111, for that.

See the panties shown on view 2?  I fixed them so that they had an all-around attached waistband and added elastic to the back waistband so that they'd stay up.  They'd be too big without the elastic in the waist, but they fit everywhere else, so elastic was the quickest fix.

Gracie decided that her undershirt was something to play with here!  (I didn't want to deal with the "I naked" again! LOL)

This was also an unprinted pattern, and I thought it was interesting that the sides button up.  Initially, I put elastic in the legbands, too, but I removed it when it became obvious that it made them a little tight for her.
 And here's from the side.  Thanks to this project, I'm not afraid of the unprinted anymore. 

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