Saturday, June 25, 2011

Sewing plans

Another no-sewing day.  Roaches are a fact of life here in the South.  We had a few.  Very, very few.  And then Grandma had a stroke and moved in, complete with her dirty, nasty cocktail that she lets fly free and spread poop, dander, seed and dirt.  Which brought more roaches.  She's moved back to her house, but we were left with the bugs.  We usually bomb twice a year anyway, and the problem she left behind speeded us up.  Today was a bombing day.  Hopefully, the bomb cocktail we let off in the house took care of our problem and we won't have to call in the pros.  So we instead ran errands and went to see Cars 2.  Cute movie.  It's a 007, The Man Who Knew Too Much or perhaps The Man With One Red Shoe  movie mix with a bit of racing thrown in for backdrop.  Enough in jokes for grown-ups to enjoy and cute enough for the kiddies.

I've added two dresses to my sewing list--one for Little Bit and one for Tiny Bit.  Joanna picked up the Itty Bitty Dress, looked at me, looked at Nikki, and pouted.  And then pouted harder when she found out that it also comes in 3T.  So I'll be using some Moda Girlie Girl sunflower fabric and some pink binding to make matching dresses for the Bits. (In reality, the colors are brighter.)  For the lining, I'll find something appropriate in the stash.  I'd prefer a contrasting pattern, just so it looks like it could be reversable.... even though it's not.  I tried that last year with a Itty Bitty Dress for Lizzy.  Even though my sister, Sarah, loved it, I thought it made it hang funny.

Maybe it's just the hanger, but it hangs funny, and I just don't like it.  So I'm not doing a reversible one again.  It was just about the only thing that fit Alina for the first couple months of her life.

I just... didn't think to make one for Nikki.  I've been told repeatedly that they don't need anything for her because they kept all of Gracie's old clothes.  It will be cute, though.  I'm afraid I'm in love with making the girls' clothes match--while they're too little to object!  And I still want to make that layette, anyway.

So my sewing plans for this next week are matching dresses for the girls, and I soo need to make the pink and brown dress for Gracie this week.  It's the last week of the vintage contest, and I need to put in an entry and my two-tone dress its the way to go.  Luckily, it should be fast... especially with my new serger!

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