Wednesday, June 22, 2011

too tired for pictures

It's been a long day.  We went to Stone Mountain to see my sister and her kids and celebrate Lizzy's birthday.  I'm sooo glad I stuffed packages with more tissue and ribbon than they needed because, as expected, she played more with the ribbon and paper than she did with the toys.  Well, except for the Brilliant Basics Stroll Along Walker.  That was a huge hit!  Oh, she's not good at it yet, but she's totally in love with that one.  Ricky loved the tractor shirt and shorts.  But alas, I forgot my camera and only got pictures of Lizzy and her birthday brownies.

I'll post pictures tomorrow. I'm just too tired to fight with the cell tonight to download pictures of chocolate-covered Lizzy into my computer.  We ran into a huge rainstorm on the way home and then mom and I had to go out.  We helped Sarah cut back some of her bushes with delusions of grandeur (they think they're trees).  And after a day in and out of the hot weather, we were just too tired for cooking dinner, so it was to Sam's to pick up some prescriptions, and then next door to Wal-Mart for pizza.  From reading my pattern instructions on the way to Sarah's house, I realized that I needed some twill to put in the waistband, and I already knew I needed more velcro (was almost out 'cause of the bag), a new tape measure, and some serger thread, so Joanns was our last stop on the way home.  It took me about five minutes to gather supplies, but then I had to wait in line for an hour, because their computers were down, and everything had to be done the old fashioned way---pen, paper, and calculator.

After dinner was over, I started sewing.  I mean, the girls will be here tomorrow, so I needed to get through the baby shower gifts.  The snaps are going on the bag in the morning, but I finished the changing pad, four oversized receiving blankets, and the itty bitty baby dress.  I should take pictures, but I'm just too tired tonight.  I'll post them tomorrow after I finish the last bit of the diaper bag construction and the girls go home.  It's been a busy day.  And well, all things considered, I did get a lot of sewing done!

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