Saturday, June 11, 2011

No Sewing day

Hopefully, I'll at least be able to manage cutting stuff out, but no guarantees.  Other than that, today's been a no sewing day.  Probably the first of many as in about two weeks, we'll have the girls regularly.  Joanna's birthday is tomorrow, and they really couldn't afford to go out do much to celebrate this year.  Finances are extra tight with the new baby and Joanna on maternity leave.  So we babysat both girls while they had a burger and free redbox movie (coupon).  I was planning on cutting out pajamas today, but didn't manage it.  Well, the night is young, we ordered pizza for dinner, and Joanna and Jared have taken the Bits home.  That's right.  I now have two Little Bits.  Only one is littler than the other because she's only a month old. 

Really, they're somewhat boring jammies, but I was driven by 1) poly/cotton blend and 2) price point.  Honestly, for something that's gonna be slept in, I don't want to pay much more than I would for a commercial pair.  The fabric is blue and white stripes and it was $1.95/yard.  Works for me.

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