Thursday, June 30, 2011


Thursday is my day off... sorta.  Instead of babysitting, we run all over, getting errands done.  And my errands are done today!  My entries into the Pattern Review Vintage Contest are in--I entered the Hollywood dress and the mail order pattern that I finished yesterday.  I've been experimenting with making hair bows, and I made tractor bows to go with Evie's tractor outfit today.  I also redid the top for it, (it's not quite finished yet because I haven't sewn the patch on) and made her an Independence Day dress.

This is fast becoming my go-to dress for toddler and little girl sundresses.  It's fast, easy, and my SIL and niece are in love with it.  While it is an Independence Day dress, I'm confident that it can be worn for much more than that.  And since it's such an easy option for my SIL to put on the Bit, it's sure to see lots of wear. 

Here's a detail of the fabric.  It's cotton, of course.  I seem to do most of my sewing in cotton--though that makes sense here in Georgia because it's lightweight and breathable!

Hope y'all had a great sewing day!

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