Thursday, June 9, 2011

why do I get myself into these things?

My brother came over last night and brought the Bit with him.  Normally, this is a cause for joy, because since she's been home with Mommy, I don't get my hug and sloppy baby kiss fix for the week or the lap sitting cuddles you get for story reading time.  Oh the sweet rewards of helping raise little ones! 

But last night, I was cutting out tractor shorts to go with the tractor shirt for my nephew.  I finished Alina's sundress.  Now all three girls can match.  But after cutting out Ricky's shirt, I had about a yard and a half left, so he got shorts.  And as soon as I'd pulled the pins out of the pattern paper and folded it, Evie stole the shorts pieces.  Apparently, anything I make belongs to her.  I explained that they were Ricky's shorts, and asked if I could have the pieces back.  Now I've got over a yard of tractor fabric left. 

Gracie informed me that she wanted tractors, too!  *sigh*  She needs summer clothes.  I have the fabric.  And a favorite pattern.  Butterick B3477--

And some yellow cotton/poly batiste and a tractor patch.  So I guess my little girl will be wearing John Deere this summer....

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