Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sunday again.

It's Sunday again here on Granny Lane.  Last night, I cut out and altered the back of the 3T Itty Bitty dress pattern, and I've decided on the fabric.  I'm going for plain pink for the lining so it goes with the pink binding I bought yesterday afternoon.  I have the two-tone dress cut out (Mail Order 351) and all the fit alterations made.  I lengthened it by five inches, and took off the 1/2 inch seam allowance from the collar, facing, and neck openings.  Through trial and error, I've discovered that Bit doesn't like high necklines because she thinks they choke her.  And her Mommy is the same way.  So if I take off the seam allowances, everybody is happy.

Remember, it's Sunday.  Which if I do sew, translates into disaster day!  So first thing in the morning, I'll fuse the interfacing to the collar, cuffs, and facing.  Because this is a button-front dress--heck, let's just call it a shirt dress, because it might as well be!  I'll be doing 5/8 covered buttons in the brown with pink dot fabric down the front.  I'm making the sashed version because Gracie specifically requested a sash.  I lengthened that by five inches as well.  With a two inch hem, that'll give Bit a 23 inch dress, so it'll hit her at the knee.  I try for that on every dress I make for her, so that she has a bit of room to grow before it's too short.

The hardest part of this was redrafting the collar and cuffs.  The cuff piece was missing, and my SIL doesn't like sailor dresses for some reason.  So I traced the collar, took my french curve, and played connect the dots.  The collar is round now.  And, well, at least the cuff pieces were straight lines.  The collar is plain brown and the cuffs are plain pink.  The sides and sleeves of the dress are brown with pink dots, and the t-yoke center is pink with brown dots.  I'm putting brown rick rack on the pink cuffs and vice versa.    It should be a cute dress!  I haven't decided yes or no on the panties yet, but as Bit still hasn't quite outgrown the pulling up her dress stage, I need to decide if the pants are going to be the pink fabric or the brown.  Part of me thinks that they'll have to be pink so that it doesn't show through.  Not that any of these are sheer, but dark colors do sometimes show through light colors.  Hopefully, I'll be able to finish the dress tomorrow, and then worry about the panties.  Hope y'all had a good weekend!  Happy Sunday!

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