Saturday, June 18, 2011

Random bits and sewing plans.

I'm tired.  I finished both four receiving blankets and the PJs and got the diaper bag cut out and the interfacing fused.  We spent the day picking up supplies and me fusing duck canvas to interfacing.  And it wasn't easy.  The stuff just didn't want to stick to the canvas!  I labeled all the pieces--as is part of my usual process for pieces that look the same--and it's ready to go.  I'm doing a separate changing pad with two layers of interfaced canvas and my laminated cotton.  It's lighter weight interfacing than I'm using in the body of the bag, because I need to be able to fold it to carry it in the bag. 

We got a good deal at Kohl's today.  Okay, a fantastic deal.  Today, we had a $10 off anything over $20 coupon and a $10 coupon.  We raided the clearance section of the toddlers department and walked away with two outfits for the Bit for absolutely FREE.  Yes, FREE.  Summer clothes are on clearence, even though summer has just begun.  So Bit got a pair of bermuda shorts, a really cute shirt, and a dress, retail value $48, for absolutely nothing.  Works for me! 

This week, the must-do projects are the diaper bag and I have more double-napped flannel coming for receiving blankets,  The shower is Friday night, so it has to get done, and the sooner the better.  I also need to dig out my khaki fabric from three Christmases back to use for a wearable muslin for jeans.  Hopefully before Friday night.  Shorts are not on--too casual--and I don't have any other pants right now because I've worn them out and not bothered to make more.  Evie is much more fun to make clothes for than I am!  And, well, I don't want to wear a dress.  I wish I could go RTW, but due to my disease (don't worry--not contagious) I can't find pants to accommodate my over sized legs.  So if I don't find time to make 'em, I don't have 'em.  This week, I'm doing it, I swear.  I know that it's summer and thus, really too hot for jeans, but I want long pants.  Technically, I'm not supposed to wear shorts, anyway, on the theory that long pants will protect my compression stockings.  We'll see.

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