Wednesday, June 8, 2011

three days, two projects...

My brother is going to Tucker on Friday.  Really, it doesn't mean much except for the fact that my sister lives out that direction, and I need to finish up Alina's new sundress and Ricky's new tractor shirt before he goes so I can send them along.  With the price of gas these days, it's just better to send it if he's already going there.  And we can send Lizzy's other birthday presents at the same time.  So today, I need to sew together Lizzy's sundress and get Ricky's shirt cut out and the interfacing fused.  If my shipments get here, I can start getting Joanna's birthday present cut out, too.  See, they sent the wrong things the last time around.  If you sew a lot (like me) a glace tells you if something is the standard width (43-45 inches) or if you're lucky and it's 60 inches.  I ordered some 60" fabric from the $1.95/yard clearance section and received 44" fabric.  Thin is, I wouldn't have had enough fabric at 44" inches!  And it was the wrong fiber content, too.  I'd ordered a cotton/poly blend, but got 100% cotton.  It was an easy mistake to make.  It looked the same at first glance.  After all, the color and pattern were the same on both.  I sent 'em back, and according to my information, I should be getting the replacements today.  Which is good, since I need to get sewing to get it done by Monday.

I don't think she's reading this.. heck, I don't think she knows where this is.  Joanna's favorite things are sheet sets and jammies.  And last year's jammies weren't a good fit.  Thanks to the pajama explosion we had at Christmas, I now know exactly what sizes to make out of my pattern.    She loved her Christmas flannel ones, next comes lightweight summer jammies that actually fit her.  I'm making the tank top this time, too.  Now that I have a serger, it seems like a waste not to use it.

I'm considering a new feature.  I love patterns.  I spend a great deal of time looking at them and I have a fairly large collection, most of which I got by accident, since I buy in large lots.  And in my pattern browsing, I've found joy in stumbling over the weird, the wacky, and insane.  You know, the patterns that make you wonder what their designers had been smoking at the time.  The craptastic and cracktastic patterns of the past and present.  And then there are the pretty ones, the ones that I find and have to have.  So, I'm thinking of perhaps having a pattern of the week.  It'd be fun!  I know I have no readers out there at the moment, but I think I like the idea...

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