Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Not even noon yet...

It's not even noon yet, and we've already been through two and a half bottles, had to go out to buy diapers, and gone through several fussy sessions.  I also have yet to sew anything because I've been too busy.  Ah, the joy of babies!  Now don't get me wrong--I love babies, and I love Nikki and Gracie.  But when Daddy didn't check the diaper bag for diapers and I have to install the toddler car seat in a different place, do a contortionist act to fasten the toddler in, all while the baby is crying because she hates the car seat and isn't fond of the car, it's hard.  I haven't gotten around to ordering another base for the infant seat yet, either.  And we still need to buy a five-point harness booster for once Gracie grows out of the car seat.... which she's getting close to doing.  Hopefully, my SIL and brother'll be back soon so I can start measuring seam allowances so that I can employ my fav quilt piecing trick so that the t-yoke is a perfect 90 degree angle.  Tomorrow, Joanna starts work, so they're having some grown-up time before she goes back because her maternity leave is up.

Have a good day!

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