Monday, June 27, 2011

girl tractor outfit.

Tonight, I sewed together the Bit's tractor outfit.  Yes, she is a little girl, but we saved up for a long time to buy a brand new John Deere riding lawnmower that she's taken with.  And she was here while I was cutting out Ricky's tractor shirt and shorts and stole them.  See, she thinks that anything Auntie Laura makes belongs to Gracie.  To be fair, that's true more often than not.  I had to make a deal with her to get the pieces back--I'd make her a summer outfit, too, out of the leftover tractor fabric, and she'd let me have it back.  (Some things just aren't worth fighting over--she needs some summer outfits, anyway, and since it's from leftovers, I count it as free.) So I pulled out a standby summer pattern, Butterick 3477.   I learned the quirks last year--like no matter what it looks like, that shirt is too short.  So I measured the Bit's torso, added two inches in length, and made the longest view plus the band on the bottom.

The main body is pale yellow batiste, which matches the pale yellow in the gingham, with the straps and band in yellow gingham tractor fabric along with the shorts.  I have a green tractor patch that'll be sewed on tomorrow.  It also needs ironed before I send it home, but that's usual, to be honest.    I'm a lazy sewer who tends to skip ironing until the last minute.  Okay, so everything gets ironed while I'm fusing interfacing, and then I skip ironing until the end.  Hm.  I think the patch needs moved down a bit.  Anyway, I'll be finishing this tomorrow and working on MO 351.  And say what you will--this most definitely doesn't look like a little boy's outfit, tractors aside!

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